Pay With Love

If you have a traditional bank logo on your credit or debit card I have a question for you. Why? You are missing out. Now I’ll give partial credit to some of you hip ones as you have your favorite sports club or super hero plastered on your plastic but the really cool people have a picture of their family or children on their cards. Yes I said it. A customized picture on your plastic! Why should you do it? Three great reasons.

  1. You will think about your kids more often. And the more we think about our kids the more we think about their well-being. And the more we think about there well-being, the better parents we are. And the better parents we are, the better people our kids will be!
  2. Your kids will appreciate it. They will feel the love you have for them. It’s interesting how it happens but for some reason kids hit ages where they question your love for them. And pretty much every time it happens, it seems to be after you’ve said no to something they’ve wanted. Ha ha….It’s all good though. Truth be told, they know you love them. You tell them every day. But why not show it to them in a casual and “unintentional” way as well. Think of it this way. The next time you buy them the new Air Jordan shoes they will not only feel the love but they will also see the love. Let’s face it, we don’t always know exactly what they are going through or what’s in their young minds so they just might need that reminder of your unconditional love. Can’t hurt right?
  3. It’s cool! We live in a time where YOU control the picture on the plastic in your wallet. Don’t let that technology go to waste. Take advantage of it. Now I have to admit. It took me some time to edit my debit card so my credit number would be blocked out. We all know identity theft and credit card theft is no fun so I took my sweet ole time to make sure I was properly protected. With that said, if the two reasons above haven’t convinced you to customize your card please do it for the third reason….Do it FOR ME. Do it for my sanity so I know I didn’t waste my time and unneccessarily expose myself to theft. Thank you!
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